Steph Smith: Growth Hacker, Writer, and Indie Maker

Steph Smith: Growth Hacker, Writer, and Indie Maker

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Kenny Hanson
March 3, 2021

Written by Tayla Christensen, Content Marketer at MentorPass.

Steph Smith is a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker from Toronto, Canada. Steph has spent her life constantly up skilling including, teaching herself to code (starting with this course), writing her own book, Doing Content Right, which sold thousands of copies, and starting a blog in 2019 that has reached over 400k readers on topics including remote work, women in tech, and learning to code.

After spending three and a half years at Toptal, Steph founded Integral Lab in 2019 which enabled her to service more companies like The Hustle and at HubSpot, while working independently on her own projects.

Her time at Toptal included two years of scaling their hyper growth design function, then another year and a half leading Toptal's Publications team, enabling millions of readers worldwide to access expert-level content across 6 publications: engineering, design, finance, project management, product management, and the future of work.

Steph now works as the senior manager at at HubSpot. If you are an entrepreneur looking for an idea to build a business around, might just be the exact thing you are looking for. They send you emerging business trends months before they pop, saving you thousands of dollars on research and testing and the feeling of regret for not starting sooner.

Steph has been exposed to and had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with extremely successful people throughout her career and the one resounding piece of advice that she found for all of the conversations was.

“Everyone who you think knows what they’re doing, is still just figuring things out”

If anyone has designed their life to “have it all”, it’s Steph. Despite her professional resume being stacked by her mid-20’s from working with leading digital companies around the world, she has also literally been going around the world herself. Steph has travelled to 50+ countries and shares everything about her life as a remote worker through her blog.

The self-discipline, growth mindset, and genuine curiosity for the world is probably also a main reason why Steph is always searching for new information. She has outlined some of her top books on her blog as well and openly sharing her goals for the year. Her transparency and willingness to share her journey is an obvious reason she gathered such a strong following over a short period of time.

Fun facts about Steph?

1.     She has a degree in chemical engineering
2.     She grew up playing chess around the world
3.     Her favorite food is soup, any and all soup
4.     She has never met anyone better than her at Minesweeper

We are so excited to have Steph as one of our badass mentors at MentorPass. If you want to pick her brain on anything growth hacking, coding, writing, publications, team management, or being an indie maker, you can find her MentorPass profile here.

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