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Say goodbye to wasted 30 minute ‘can I pick your brain’ meetings. Lead results-oriented sessions with up and coming startups that have skin in the game.

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Do you love helping startups and hate wasting time? MentorPass will make your life easier by matching, scheduling, & vetting your mentees.


High quality mentees

You will be matched with the type of founder that you want to work with. All mentees are vetted to make sure they are prepared and committed.

Meet top startups


Earn extra income

Our mentees value your time and are happy to invest in it as they know it will have a positive return for their business. Paid sessions also increase commitment.

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Build your network

The MentorPass community is incredibly strong, both mentees and mentors. When you join, you'll meet top new founders & other great business and tech leaders.

Build your network

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Streamline your advisory business.

Save time with automated scheduling.
Let us vet and prep your mentees.
Set your own rate & availability.
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Create a stunning online presence.

Stand out with a premium designed profile.
Build trust as a verified startup mentor.
Get discovered by top new founders.
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What our mentors are saying.

All of our mentors have benefited from their own mentors and coaches. They love giving back and grooming the next generation of entrepreneurs.


I've met some incredibly talented entrepreneurs through MentorPass.

Jonny started coaching full-time after exiting Maptia, a Techstars-backed consumer startup. Jonny uses MentorPass to grow his coaching business.

Jonny Miller
Founder Coach


I wish I had something like this when I was starting my business.

Shruti is the founder and former-CEO of HubHaus, a venture-backed co-living startup. She's mentoring founders in her spare time while exploring what's next.

Shruti Merchant
‍Founder of HubHaus


I was flooded with mentor requests. Now I just send my MentorPass link.

Anne is a well-known entrepreneur that gets daily 'can I pick your brain' requests. She uses MentorPass to streamline and monetize these requests.

Anne Mahlum
Founder/CEO at [solidcore]

make an impact

What our mentors are saying.

Shruti Merchant

Founder at HubHaus

"I wish I had something like MentorPass when I was starting HubHaus."

"I wish I had something like MentorPass when I was starting HubHaus."

Mentorpass is very compelling. It's a high value problem. Just like Y-Combinator democratized access to capital, I think you guys could do the same for mentors and advisors.

Shruti M.
Founder & Chairman at HubHaus

"Really great actionable input that helps keep me motivated and on track."

My call with Patrick was very informative in shaping the path of my fundraise. He guided me through what investors will be looking for and how I can create a model that is realistic in attracting VC.

Kirstyn S.
Founder of ThePlayground

"Constructive advice on the business while building my confidence."

A great job of listening. Every question he asked was productive and thoughtful. Kenny provided the direction I needed to achieve my short-term and long-term goals.

Kevin K.
Founder of CopeWithIt


I wish I had something like MentorPass when I was starting my business.
Shruti Merchant
Founder of HubHaus


I love helping founders on MentorPass and it's been an awesome way to meet new startups.
Patrick Conroy
VC at Revolution


An unexpected benefit of MentorPass has been getting to meet all the other awesome mentors.
Jonny Miller
Resilience Coach


I get multiple requests a week to "pick my brain." Now I just send them my MentorPass link.
Anne Mahlum
Founder of [solidcore]

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Mentor FAQ's

These are the most common questions asked about our mentor program. If you have additional questions, please reach out to

How much time does this require?
We generally ask for at least one session (30-minutes) per week. If life gets busy and you need to freeze your calendar for a bit, no big deal.
How much do mentors get paid?
Mentors select from a range of rate cards from pro-bono to $1,000 per hour for the most in-demand experts. Our top mentor earned more than $200,000 in their first 24 months.
Do I have to accept every session?
No, your options for every session request are to accept, reschedule, or decline.
How long is a session?
A standard session is 30-minutes and an extended session is 60-minutes.
Where do the sessions occur?
Don't worry about travel. You'll receive a video call link for every session so you can mentor from anywhere.
What stage are most mentees at?
We've got range. Our clients span from pre-launch/pre-revenue startups to fast growing startups earning $100M+ per year.

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