Top 8 Retail Mentors

Top 8 Retail Mentors

Kenny Hanson
June 20, 2023

Discover some of the top retail experts in the world that are available to help consumer brands go from DTC to omnichannel. The list includes executives from retailers like Target & Macy's, as well as founders that are moving 9-figures in Walmart, Sephora, and Costco.

"My #1 priority in 2023 is to get retail to $1M per month, and MentorPass is key to doing that."
- Ronak Shah, CEO of Obvi.

In the world of retail, getting advice from industry veterans can significantly increase the success of your brand. MentorPass, the online platform revolutionizing business mentorship, has an impressive lineup of retail mentors. They are industry leaders ready to share their experiences, strategies, and insider tips to help you achieve your goals.

Here are the top eight retail mentors you need to know:

1. Eric Carl, Emerging Brands Leader at Target

Background: With a solid background at Target, Eric is highly proficient in identifying and working with emerging brands. His expertise includes brand development, scaling strategies, and vendor partnerships.

Why Eric: He was fundamental in building the Emerging Brands Program at Target, which is responsible for creating a pathway for new DTC brands to break into retail.

Retailers: Target

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2. Jing Gao, CEO at Fly By Jing

Founder of a successful food brand, Jing provides guidance on product development, building a brand story, and engaging with consumers in a genuine way.

Why Jing: She's built an iconic brand. Crushed it on DTC & retail. And is a great fit for anyone in the food & beverage industry.

Retailers: Whole Foods, Target

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3. Mike Beckham, CEO at Simple Modern

As the CEO of a lifestyle brand known for its innovative products, Mike brings valuable knowledge about consumer behavior, product development, and leadership to his mentees.

Mike's Top 3 Tips for Retail Success
1. Only sell programs where it will be a win/win for you and the retailer. Many brands make the mistake of thinking the finish line is convincing a buyer. If the buyer doesn't win they won't continue buying.
2. We have found it helpful to sell unique SKUs in mass retail. It prevents scraping and channel conflict. It also enables you to create exclusive offers for your retail partners. They love exclusives.
3. Mass retail is a performance game. A great story gets you in the door, but great productivity for the retailer keeps you in the store. Have a clear understanding of the metrics your buyer watches and their goals.

Why Mike: CEO of a 9-figure brand that went Amazon to retail to DTC.

Retailers: Walmart, Amazon, Target, Costco, & more.

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Sean Riley, CEO at Dude Wipes

Background: With an impressive track record of breaking new ground with an unconventional brand, Sean offers unique insights into brand differentiation, marketing strategies, and navigating the competitive retail landscape.

Why Sean: Dude Wipes is moving more than $100M per year via wholesale through large retailers like Target, grocery, and small retailers.

Retailers: Amazon, Target, Walmart, Costco, & More.

Ken Sadowsky, Board at VitaCoco

Background: Ken's experience with VitaCoco positions him as an expert in FMCG. He shares in-depth knowledge about brand growth, strategic partnerships, and international markets.

Why Ken

Retailers: Gas Stations, Grocery, & more.

Mike Spencer, Strategy at Macy’s

Background: Mike, a strategic leader at Macy's, brings a wealth of knowledge about retail strategy, consumer trends, and how to thrive in a constantly evolving retail market.

Why Mike

Retailers: Macy's

Ann McFerran, CEO at Glamnetic

Background: Ann, a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry, can guide mentees on product innovation, e-commerce, and how to build a strong and engaged online community.

Why Ann

Retailers: Sephora and more.

Engaging with these mentors on MentorPass could significantly accelerate your retail journey. Their breadth and depth of experience cover all aspects of the retail industry, from brand conception to scaling in a competitive market. With MentorPass, you're one video call away from a transformative mentorship experience.

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