Ali Kriegsman: From Magazine to Multi Million Dollar Marketplace

Ali Kriegsman: From Magazine to Multi Million Dollar Marketplace

Ali Kriegsman: From Magazine to Multi Million Dollar Marketplace

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Kenny Hanson
January 27, 2021

Ali Kriegsman is a powerhouse in the entrepreneur space. The Co-founder and COO of Bulletin, a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, and a vocal advocate for the young female entrepreneur. We spoke with her on the Top Mentors Podcast and got an insight into her story, what drives her, and some of the lessons she learned along the way. The podcast is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

Written by Tayla Christensen, Content Marketer at MentorPass.

Ali Kriegsman is a powerhouse in the entrepreneur space. Co-founder and COO of Bulletin a venture-backed retail technology startup based in NYC. Named Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient and one of "The Most Creative People in Business" by Fast Company.

Ali has revolutionized the physical retail space while simultaneously empowering female entrepreneurs and promoting an authentic look into what life is like as a young entrepreneur and promoting an authentic look into life as a young entrepreneur in 2021.

Her story? In 2015 Bulletin started while Kriegsman andCo-founder, Alana Branston, had a dream of creating a magazine that would expose and promote female indie brands. A few years later after many pivots, Y-combinator accelerators, tears, laughs, and late nights, they landed on the sustainable business model that Bulletin is today.

Ali isn't just a badass businesswoman; she is a spokesperson for the female entrepreneur by normalizing the less glamorous parts of entrepreneurship that often aren't talked about. She launched an IGTV series, "How to Build" where she interviews female leaders and trailblazers in their respective fields. On top of that, Kriegsman has written a book, "How to Build a Goddam Empire" which is set to release in April 2021.

In her own words, "The book offers a candid, highly-transparent take on what it feels a like and loos like to turn nothing into something – to build a business from scratch. It features 40+ other female founders, and we discuss everything from imposter syndrome, to financing, to firing people, and the reality of making catastrophic mistakes you can't reverse."

Ali is not one to shy away from being transparent on social media or in her work, her passion for speaking to young female entrepreneurs is at the core of everything she does.

"Sometimes, it feels like "Female Founders" have to put on an always-crushing-it type "front" because there are so few of us who become household names, get that investor check, exit our companies, or achieve "peak success." We don't want to get vulnerable in public and risk seeming incapable, or worse, incompetent."

If Ali is one thing, she is creative. She finds ways to do things against the status quo, with a limited budget, and a lot of style. She not only thrives in all things fashion, copywriting, design, and music (find her as Ladylike on Spotify) but also in the way she approaches life. She is a creative thinker and it shows in everything she puts her hands on.

Ali's creativity, innovation, and ability to pivot were what helped Bulletin evolve from a creative magazine into a multi-million-dollar empire that revolutionized the retail game.

You can find Ali at her website and on Instagram at @alikriegs.

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